Podcasting Live at Adobe

Accenture Australia

In a crowd of more than 4,000 industry leaders, digital marketers, creatives and tech experts, how do you make your services stand out? The 2019 Adobe Symposium captured the interest of Sydney visionaries with a two-day event dedicated to inspiring and enhancing experience-led businesses to ‘bring dynamic, customer-centric visions to life.’ What better place for Accenture to be seen and heard!

Defend design. Champion creativity. Be an experience-leader.

- Adobe Symposium

This was the predicament Accenture came to us to solve. Having worked together on a range of creative projects throughout our longstanding business relationship, Accenture did not hesitate to put their trust in us. We underwent a collaborative development process, devising plans for a live pop-up podcast booth at the event.

Front and centre at the entrance of the symposium, the unique and interactive experience gave Accenture the capacity to share their content live with attendees in a way that no other event vender was. Bustling with delegates and guests, our role at the event was to ensure the seamless delivery of quality live listening and recording, all while turning around the complete series within 24 hours for distribution.

Our experience and understanding of live events, curating podcasts and post-production allowed us to swiftly deal with the challenges that presented. At Cobox, our team of producers, designers, editors and collaborators, anticipated the potential challenges and made precautionary adaptations.

In pre-production, we liaised with GPJ Events Marketing in the design of the podcast booth to ensure we made the most out of the limited floor space we were allocated, without sacrificing quality. Checking all the boxes, a booth was created with amble space for guests, crew and cameras, a way to safely wrangle and hide all wires and accommodated stunning aesthetic qualities. The pop-up structure was complete with an illuminated on-air sign and fitted with hooks around the exterior which held 25 wireless headphones.

The next challenge was enticing passers-by to pick up the headphones and listen in. At first, attendees seemed timid, so we had assistants handing out the headphones, welcoming passers-by to engage with the conversation. As the event went on, people became more comfortable and were happily stopping by and helping themselves to the headphones.

While the recordings were taking place, rushes were transferred back to the Cobox studio where our post-production team were simultaneously curating the content and editing finished episodes for immediate approval. In a matter of 24 hours, we turned out 8x 20 minute podcast episodes for distribution to Accenture’s online platforms and their greater audiences.

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Creative Agency :Cobox
Series Producer :Sarah Linton
Creative Director :Aaron Petersen
Editor :Gordon Fletcher