A Podcast Series Embracing All Disruptions

Accenture Australia

Accenture Australia came to us with a need to build brand awareness for their Technology Advisory SMEs and better their market position in the industry with a podcast series. The Financial Services (FS) sector in the ANZ region was driving momentum in new areas of content creation, and fresh off the back of the successful SIBOS 2018 podcast series, we saw an opportunity to encourage Accenture ANZ to connect with their clients and develop a podcast series in which to thrive and attract new audiences with market leading information and guests.

The goal was to communicate that Accenture now operates “in the new” providing fresh insights that challenge traditional thinking.

With this at the forefront, we initially devised a 15-episode podcast series tackling all things tech relating to the FS space and what most resonates with Accenture’s clientele. Cobox offered the full approach, Research and Development, Strategy, Production and Distribution. Each episode featured FS sector expert guests, with the series filtering through topics such as DevOps, Blockchain, Robot Co-Workers, Ransomware, to say a few.

Professional quality was paramount in propelling this series to new heights and ensuring the content was enjoyable and absorbable. Through listening and understanding Accenture’s needs, the episodes were produced as conversational style interviews, focusing on their vision and brand compliance. Through extensive development and careful curation, this was derived from our charismatic host, Tim Broome, Accenture’s Technology Advisory Practice Lead.

Thankfully, the response to the first 15 episodes was so successful, funding was immediately allocated to roll on with a second series. Referred to as ‘Season 2,’ we went back to the drawing board on strategy and revisited how to broaden the range to include more esteemed guests and delve deeper into conversations around future-ready workforces, global economies, digital banking and beyond. The 30-episode second season kicked off October 2019 and will continue throughout 2020.


To find out what all the hype is about, check out season 1 and 2 of Accenture Australia’s Embracing Technology in Financial Services by clicking on the link below.

Embracing Technology in Financial Services - Listen to Episodes
Creative Agency :Cobox
Host (Accenture) :Tim Broome
Series Producers :Sarah Linton and Aaron Petersen
Producer :Tim Russell
Editors :Mark Gluhak, Liam Coffey and Aaron Petersen