The 10 year timer is ticking. We'd better talk.

Accenture Australia

Accenture has a big message to share. It’s called Triple Zero; leading the way through innovation to create a sustainable future by ensuring zero harm, zero waste, and zero loss in our world.

Accenture wanted to communicate their purpose through conversations with resource industry leaders via an all-new podcast series.

So, we gave them Zero In.

Following research, we identified a gap in the resources industry for compelling and innovative content reaching audiences in the mining, utilities and energy sector.

Through design thinking and ideation, we initiated the brand name Zero In and constructed a fresh format to deliver a range of episodic content curated for the Accenture brand.

One of our hurdles was the Accenture podcast host came with little experience. But with our collaborative approach to voice and presentation coaching we were able to harness her natural charisma and let her shine, so we could deliver relaxed and engaging discussions.

Our remote podcast kits have allowed conversations to continue. Anywhere. Anytime.

- Sarah Linton, Series Producer

Our clients love the way Cobox makes life easy for them.

We come to you, so you can podcast in any location, at anytime.

There is nothing more distracting than poorly recorded audio. Everything we produce is of the highest standard. So, armed with the best mics in the industry, our team set up a podcast studio at Accenture’s Perth Innovation Hub to record the first of 10 episodes.

We looked after all the technical components of the project and provided a suite of assets to drive home the message across multiple platforms – from social media to YouTube video content.

Working with Accenture, we managed workflows to hit hard publishing deadlines. This established a natural rhythm to grow an audience and elevate the Triple Zero message.

Season 1 consists of 10 episodes set to change the conversation in sustainability across the resources sector and beyond.

Each episode tackling a new approach to mining, energy and utilities:

  • What is a circular economy?
  • How is innovation changing the way we mine?
  • What do we need to do in the next 10 years to turn things around for the environment?

Well, find our here and Zero In!

Episode 1 - Listen Now
Episode 2 - Listen Now
Creative Agency :Cobox
Host (Accenture) :Melissa Dean
Series Producer :Sarah Linton
Series Creative Director :Aaron Petersen
Audio Editors :Liam Coffey and Aaron Petersen