Pandemic Productions: Armor All puts our COVID safe practices to the test

Armor All

Amidst the chaos brought to us by the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic, we adapted all our production and post production operations in fitting with the world’s new health and safety standards. Unlike any other project we have ever worked on, Armor All’s internal conference video was filmed with minimal human contact, while the post production involved absolutely no contact with remote edit sessions and virtual client reviews.

With just 8 days to turn this piece around, we swiftly embraced the changes that had to be made in the way we approach content creation. With collaboration being at the heart of our business, it proved to be one of our biggest hurdles given the facts and uncertainties of the global crisis.

In compliance with Covid restrictions, we scaled back the on-set production crew. Unsurprisingly, Director (Jif Morrison) and DOP (Jake Brown) set high-quality foundations for the video, despite being just a two-person crew. From the shoot came multiple clean and high-energy pieces to camera from Armor All employees, as well as alluring product overlay. Furthermore, ensuring the health and safety of all involved with the shoot, our Covid safety protocols were diligently implemented with the use of masks, hand and surface sanitation and social distancing.

As all industries move to ‘zero- contact’, our focus on providing a collaborative environment for all our projects remains paramount, particularly in post production. With this in mind, our studio edit suites have been modified allowing us to tailor the post production experience to meet our clients’ individual needs and comforts.

Driving an edit suite in the Cobox studio from his home office, our editor Mat Evans ran remote edit sessions with the director. Using our online portal and a virtual meeting platform, the pair were able to view the same screens from different locations as the edit took place in real time.

While it is ‘business as unusual,’ this project went off without a hitch. In just 8 days, we remotely produced a polished video in a seamless fashion.  Both client and agency were delighted with the video and took great comfort in our extensive measures to ensure a CovidSafe collaborative experience.

Production Company :Cobox
Director :Jif Morrison
Director of Photography :Jake Brown
Editor :Mat Evans