Enhance wellbeing with stylish functionality.


Caroma’s LiveWell range is a collection of stylish and contemporary bathroom fixtures, designed to promote comfort and independence for those needing extra assistance in their daily lives. Created by Saltmine Creative, this 6-part series hosted by Dr Andrew Rochford features products for every aspect of bathroom functionality.

Caroma designed these contemporary products in cohesive ranges to bring a touch of luxury to any bathroom. Exploring the options in the LiveWell collection, the Saltmine Creative team were challenged with creating a series that mirrored this aesthetics and inspired better solutions for better wellbeing.

Director Aaron Petersen teamed up with onscreen talent, Dr Andrew Rochford to focus on the dignity and practicality of the range with the objective of making viewers, and potential customers, not shy away from supported living and instead age gracefully with a classy bathroom styled by Caroma.

Lead by editor, Mat Evans, Cobox developed a theme and rhythm for the series of 6 videos that inspired viewing pleasure along with a clear message. 3D animated scenes support the narrative, a tranquil background track and easy onscreen information in all delivered a brand focused, trusted message that didn’t feel overly sold and more pitched as ideas.

With thanks to the extended Cobox team who made the entire process elegantly simple for client and agency, the series was delivered on time and budget irrespective of the global pandemic unfolding around Covid-19.

Agency :Saltmine Creative
Production Company :Shotbox Films
Director :Aaron Petersen
Producer :Robbie Moore
Director of Photography :Robert C Morton
Editor :Mathew Evans