Caroma Classic Style with The Block superstars


Caroma are the leaders in bathroom products. Their work brings to life a vision of sustainable products ranging from Luxury to Basic, all built to create functional and stunning bathroom sanctuaries for their customers.

Agency, Saltmine Creative, approached ShotBox Films and our team to introduce a brand-new range of products, called Caroma Classic. The Classic series is characterized by a renewed focus on simple, durable design and functionality. Our task was to create a comprehensive social campaign to appeal to a new group of consumers. Our target demographic would consist largely of families looking to start their renovation, and home styling journeys.

Director Aaron Petersen was trusted to take the client’s brand in an entirely new direction while maintaining an awareness of their core values and marketing standards. The challenge became producing content that would catch the attention of a new market, and this was achieved through technical innovation and presenting the range in a captivating way – through the lens of a smartphone

Aaron Petersen coined the term, Do-It-YourSelfie to best explain his treatment of filming the entire series on a smartphone. Josh and Jenna Densten, the interior design/plumbing power couple from the hit renovation reality TV series – The Block – crafted the content around their vibrant personalities and delivered in a light and engaging way.

The 6-part web series covered everything from project research and planning to cost effective styling tips for families. It also included demonstrations and clever interjections from the charismatic couple. Aaron Petersen’s aim was for content to present as if it was filmed in selfie-mode by the couple themselves, wanting to create a sense of relatability between audiences and our talent.

The entire series was filmed on the new Samsung S21 Ultra. This was a concept never-before attempted by Director Aaron Petersen and the DOP Robert C Morton. The advanced smartphone camera provided the versatility of filming with multiple built-in lenses. It also brought a much-needed sense of agility to the series, filmed mostly within a 1.8m by 3.0m bathroom. In such a confined space, there was no way a traditional camera would be able to manoeuvre as efficiently.

We constructed a purpose-built rig with stabilising side handles, a mounted light for close-up shots and an iPad for autocue prompts. Filming on the Samsung S21 Ultra contributed to the authentic feel of the series. The talent interacted with the rig as though they were guiding the shots and angles, however DOP Robert C Morton maintained calculated control over each camera move and framing. Equipped with the FilmicPro App to assist with auto-tracking, exposures and focus, which became vital when capturing in the confined areas.

In post-production, working without a timecode from the smart phone camera was the biggest challenge. Besides that, there were loads of wins and impressive features utilised from the S21 Ultra. The team managed to capture footage at 25 frames per second (not the default 30 frames per second) and included 50 frames per second shots to better highlight the bathroom finishing touches.

To top it off, they filmed in SLog3 for the wide colour gamut and dynamic range through sensors. To achieve all this, Aaron Petersen and Robert C Morton underwent extensive trials to ensure the newly explored production process would deliver the renown high quality standards from the team.

Moving away from the sleek and polished, our team produced a natural feeling social web series which leant into organic moments between our hosts, Josh and Jenna. Despite the technically challenging nature of the shoot, our team broke boundaries and delivered a final product above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

With an initial release across Caroma’s social network, the Josh and Jenna series is slated for a push into an uncharted consumer market. Our innovation in technical production and creative direction has positioned the campaign as one of Caroma’s most exciting yet.

Caroma Classic Style - Watch Here
Creative Agency :Shotbox Films
Director :Aaron Petersen
DOP :Robert C Morton
Editors :Mat Evans, Taylah Scanlon