Directing Authenticity and Delivering Raw Emotions

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers

As experienced creatives, producing high end stories, videos and commercials is nothing unfamiliar. However, the true test of expertise comes when working with real-world people as opposed to trained talent. In what started as a hearty social series, comprised of several testimonial-style case studies, Cobox director Aaron Petersen demonstrated his ability to drive narratives and evoke raw emotion.

Filmed throughout the greater Sydney region in just two days, we visited the homes of Carroll & O’Dea customers where the director focused on the intimacies of their experience with the company.  In delicately devised interviews, Petersen steered the conversations to hone in on the core values as expressed through stories of loss, tragedy or unfortunate events resulting in financial hardships.

The crew effortlessly created comfortable environments which encouraged the customers to open up and feel at home in front of the camera, despite never having done so before. These pieces were captured with some of the best equipment at the time, including the Sony FS9, by our respected DOP Rob Morton. His keen eye for detail, and ability to capture the moments that matter most, helped to conjure a real sense of authenticity in the final edits.

Originally created as 2-minute social videos, the client was so thrilled with what we had achieved that they decided to turn them into pre-roll and on-air commercials as well! In just two weeks, we completely reproduced and repurposed the profile stories for broadcast distribution throughout Australia.

Creative Agency :The Definance Alliance
Production Company :Shotbox Films
Director :Aaron Petersen
Producer :Sarah Linton
Director of Photography :Robert C Morton