General Motors Dealer Conference

Jack Morton Worldwide

Jack Morton Worldwide approached our team with exciting news: Chevrolet’s iconic Corvette was preparing for its greatly anticipated arrival to Australia. JMM would be producing a virtual event for the annual General Motors Dealer Conference which would put this news at the top of the agenda.

General Motors wanted to create conversation and engagement within their dealer network, with a particular focus on the exclusivity of the Corvette and its premium features.  The virtual conference would be a showcase for a range of luxury vehicles and a hub of information on all things auto related, with a total of 65 dealerships participating and tuning in across Australia. Our team was tasked with the management and execution of all post production for the 40-minute virtual event.

The promotional video was shot entirely at night in 6k definition. It included beautifully lit cinematic shots of the luxury cars in all their glory as well as detailed discussion and commentary from a panel of speakers from the GM executive team.

Our challenge was to create suspense for the release of these high-end vehicles to the public, and we achieved this through a stylistic edit of the presentation.

A full weekend with 2 edit suites working overtime saw our team of editors construct an attention-grabbing promo piece, which tapped into the premium feel of the luxury brand that our client wanted on centre stage. Slow motion shots highlighted the beauty in the details, while sleek graphics conveyed key facts and features.

Our capabilities in large volume data transfer and rapid upload speeds meant that we could quickly ingest and transcode the immense 6k files with ease.

This became critically important with our tight timeframe for this project. It also meant that our Sydney studio could easily share materials with our international team of creatives, including Aaron White who treated the final project with graphics from Canada.

Collaborating with Jack Morton Worldwide over the last 12 months, we have developed an understanding of their creative vision and look. Our piece for the General Motors Dealers Conference is an embodiment of our client’s vision: beauty, luxury and exclusivity.

Delivery went amazing! Very happy clients.

- Jack Morton Worldwide

Post Production :Cobox
Producer :Belinda Lightfoot
Editor :Josh Groom
Graphics :Aaron White