Graduate Recruitment: Come work at the heart of change

Accenture Australia

Each year Accenture Australia releases a comprehensive recruitment campaign aimed at new graduates. In November 2020, Accenture approached our team seeking a complete revamp of previous campaigns.

This time around, Accenture needed us to produce recruitment content within the scope of their freshly updated brand guidelines. These guidelines for Accenture’s new look are characterised by authenticity and a renewed focus on real people, real ideas, and real stories.

Informed by Accenture’s brief, our team began work on a suite of assets which captured the ideas and attitudes of Accenture’s most recent graduate recruits. Taking an observational documentary approach, we pulled six recruits away from their desks and into representations of their homes and other meaningful settings. The softer, more relatable environments provided the perfect backdrop for illuminating personal interviews which explored each recruit’s educational background, hobbies, and corporate ambitions. Our goal was for potential new graduates to see themselves in these stories and to make the link between themselves and Accenture.

Throughout the project, Cobox became the central hub of production. We utilised our close relationships with our clients, talent and crews across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to navigate such an intricate production. From initial ideation to final executions, we were able to monitor and share information seamlessly between all parties. This clear streamline for information flow became critically important when a snap COVID lockdown around Christmas made travel out of NSW impossible. Thanks to an anticipatory backup plan laid out in the early stages of production, we were able to pivot from in-person to remote work when it came to filming recruits in Melbourne and Canberra. Sarah Linton (producer) and Aaron Petersen (director) used Blackmagic Web Presenter software to direct camera operators and crew on the ground in both states. This tool offered a real time high-quality feed from on-set cameras through to our remote team.

What set this project apart from others was the need for genuine responses from recruits, all of whom had little to no on-screen experience. We were unable to rely on scripted reactions and needed to find ways to spark heartfelt, engaging conversation. Our solution to this challenge was the implementation of a pre-interview process which would uncover key themes and personal motivators for each recruit. These themes ranged from sustainability to science. Having this information in our arsenal meant that come shoot-day, we would know how to ask relevant questions which would produce captivating soundbites. The endeavour towards authenticity influenced location scouting, set dressing, wardrobe, makeup and editing. Any temptation to give into staged studio shots or excessive talent direction was ignored.

Our work for the Graduate Recruitment project amassed 50+ audio-visual assets and a comprehensive photography package requiring crew coordination across three states. Dealing with such a large amount of content, our strong and steady workflow was a key for client sign-off and delivery.

“We’ve had a really strong response to the first wave of the campaign with over 6k applications – a big jump from last year.  It’s all working really hard for us which is great. Thank you.”

- Accenture Australia

Launching across Accenture’s socials, website, and at virtual recruitment fairs, the Graduate Recruitment Campaign has received hundreds of views, likes and over six thousand new applications. As the project was one of the first large campaigns under Accenture’s new brand, we had a responsibility to ensure that all guidelines were adhered to.  Since wrapping in February 2021, the campaign continues to be shared as part of various promotional rollouts within Accenture. We’ve received great feedback from our client, and this is only just the beginning.

Change is always going to happen – being part of positive changes is what matters. The graduate recruitment campaign embodies Accenture’s company mission of making a difference. It also highlights the standout employees that truly embrace this spirit.

Agency :Cobox
Director :Aaron Petersen
DOP :Robert C Morton
DOP :Andy Wong
DOP :Rod Pollard
Producer :Sarah Linton
Producer :Belinda Barancewicz
Producer :Lauren Trevenen