Hear+Beyond: Accelerating Australian Business

Accenture Australia

Always pushing for innovation and positive change, Accenture Australia approached us with a unique idea: to share the insights of Australia’s most prominent CEOs and the secrets to their thriving businesses. The goal was to unearth ideas around transforming our nation and striving through one of the biggest economic downturns in our nation’s history, brought on by the pandemic.

Cobox was given full creative freedom to cultivate the ideation of the 8-part podcast series. We carried out extensive field research in the podcast realm and assembled a strategy deck with numerous options for speakers, topics and themes based on the gaps we saw in the market. Speakers included CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall, Infrastructure Australia CEO Romily Madew, Telstra CEO Andy Penn, Australia’s former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Anna Bligh and more.

We executed thorough logo research strategy and developed  the series’ look, name and branding. We also produced a range of promotional assets to be shared on  social media.


Presented with Covid-19 production obstacles, we produced much of the podcast series remotely. Our challenge was to ensure that all remote audio was unidentifiable as being recorded from home. This led to the implementation of remote podcast kits delivered directly to our guest speakers at home. A comprehensive tech-brief prior to recording ensured that audio ran smooth and uninterrupted for the course of each conversation.

Undeniably one of the most important stages of our pre-production was researching and sourcing the best host who would complement discussions across sectors ranging from science, technology, public health, cyber security and more. We landed on award-winning STEM journalist, radio presenter and MC – Rae Johnston. Rae’s vibrant personality and genuine interest in STEM gave the podcast an engaging, conversational feel. The series was an outstanding opportunity for Johnston to extend her experience and a chance to speak with Australia’s leading business mentors and confidants.

A significant component to grade-A podcasting, is equipment selection – quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our broadcast quality recording platform solutions allowed us real-time recording and monitoring. This, paired with our use of the best microphones in the industry helped us record at the highest possible standard.

We introduced high-definition multitrack recordings up to 256kbps mono or 320kbps – where each speaker has a separate track, perfectly in sync with no drift. We wanted listeners focusing purely on ideas and discussion, not the execution of the production itself. Our state-of-the-art recording equipment enabled us to achieve just that.

Through the pandemic, we have seen the perfect opportunity for renewed hope and optimism for the economy, businesses and technology. Inviting senior leaders to talk at a higher level about their visions for the future and asking them “what does beyond look like to you” has injected valuable insight and knowledge into our podcast series for Accenture.

The series continues to build in momentum and has become an educational resource which guides listeners through daunting, unfamiliar territory with restored confidence.

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Creative Agency :Cobox
Host :Rae Johnston
Producers :Sarah Linton, Aaron Petersen
Associate Producers :Tim Russell, Elle Zirwanda