The work of creating gender equality is not women’s work, it is for all of us.

Accenture Australia

Accenture Australia are leaders in pushing gender equality across the board. In the lead up to International Women’s Day 2021, Accenture approached us with an idea: to share the voices and work of eminent female personalities in Australia, highlighting the need for strong female influence in the workforce, now more than ever.

Accenture emphasised their key messages of levelling the gender playing field and overcoming challenges like hurdles to access, lack of education and the inherent biases that prevent women from reaching their fullest potential as professionals. Driven by this sentiment, we began coordinating the International Women’s Day event, which would put these ideas on show.

The 90-minute virtual panel event hosted by Accenture’s Sunita Gloster and Matthew Coates, was a celebration of equality. We coordinated seamless timing and transitions from presenter pieces to panel discussion from a line-up of incredible speakers including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Accenture Australia and New Zealand CEO Tara Brady, HR Lead Sarah Kruger and panellists Rae Johnston, Allegra Spender and Dr Michelle Dickinson.

Each speaker shared their unique career journey and discussed how to create pathways for women to lead, deliver to their potential and bring their diverse perspectives and skills to the table in a way that accelerates change. Through a combination of discussion structure and organic conversational flow, the event achieved a relaxed engaging feel.

We collaborated closely with Accenture’s digital production team based in America, NSW, VIC, and SA. Sarah Linton (producer) and our core team managed local IT, pre-production, tech troubleshooting, presenter coaching, security, and floor management. Coordinating cast and equipment logistics too, was a momentous task. After calling on our extensive network of creatives to pull together an experienced film and operations crew, we produced an event of the highest production value.

Working within a limited time frame, with remote teams across 3 time zones was a huge undertaking. Rigorous planning and a collaborative production approach allowed us to liaise between various international contacts and produce above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Thank you so much for all your help! You guys are amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you.

- Accenture Australia

The event was streamed on Accenture’s internal web platform to key clients both domestically and overseas. Beyond the live stream, we also produced a highlight video which was shared thousands of times across Accenture’s digital and social media platforms.

The current zeitgeist around gender equality is strong. Tapping into the need for change meant our event captured the attention of the masses. This checked all the boxes for our client, as awareness is the starting point for shifts towards equality.

Production Company :Cobox
Producer :Sarah Linton