Sleep Series: Lessons for parents who love to dream

Love to Dream

Becoming a parent is a huge feat for anyone, filled with exciting highs and sometimes daunting challenges, particularly for first time mums and dads. The stress from sleepless nights with a restless newborn can feel endless and all-consuming.  

Tasked with helping parents navigate the loadwe collaborated with the Love to Dream team to deliver a collection of videos and guides which provide support to families through the ups and downs of baby sleep-time. These guides make up the basis of The Sleep Series. 

Ideal for first time parents or those simply needing a baby-care refresh, The Sleep Series is a 14-part online series directed by Aaron Petersen and takes a deep dive into understanding the unique sleep needs of newborns. The series was developed with guidance from a team of experts including host, Hana-Lia Keawchuk (founder of Love to Dream) and paediatric experts Courtney and Edwina (aka The Sleep Angels.) 

In the height of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, this production was the first of many to take place under the strict new government and Screen Australia COVID-19 safety restrictions. With extensive considerations to be made in the way of ensuring COVID-safety and working with infants, a registered nurse on-set to ensure the proper implementation of protocols while working to bring the Love to Dream vision to life. This shoot became the ultimate balancing act for our nimble team. 

Filming spanned over three days at the home of host, Hana-Lia, in Maroubra. Director Aaron Petersen and DOP Robert C Morton were accompanied by an exclusive cast of mothers and their beautiful babies. The Sleep Series shows the entire sleep process unfold on camera, meaning each baby was followed through the various stages leading up to their sleep cycles. A detailed schedule meant we were able to maintain consistency each day of the shoot.  

We captured key teachable moments such as a newborn’s switch from calm to unsettled, feeding time, swaddling or the greatly anticipated moment in which they settle and sleep. Our unpredictable cast meant that we had to be on at all times, ready to capture another lesson. We also had to be mindful of sleeping bubs, with crew turning to sign language and whispered instructions to keep the production on track. Despite fleeting daylight, the result was a unified aesthetic of soft tones and defused natural light complimented with soothing music.   

The Sleep Series addresses all baby-sleep questions and empowers new parents with the ability to read and respond to their baby’s cues with confidence. Our clients at Love to Dream applauded the short and sweet videos. The easily accessible online format provides audiences with clear, meaningful advice anytime, anywhere and as often as necessary. Our team jumped the many hurdles that the pandemic threw our way and produced an insightful video series with wide reach and impact.   

Love to Dream Sleep Series - Watch Here

The videos and lessons are nice and short - perfect for late-night feeding!

- Love to Dream

Production Company :Shotbox Films
Director :Aaron Petersen
DOP :Robert C Morton
Producers :Adam Cantley, Robbie Moore