What becomes of the broken-hearted?

Wet. Warm. Dribble.

Short Film premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival, 2019.

On a special night, a girl gives her heart to a boy. It’s real. It’s beating. It feels right. She soon discovers love can be a bloody mess. But love can also be intoxicating, especially for a girl who’s prepared to give her heart away, sparking a night to remember.

As the excitement begins to fade, true intentions become misunderstood.

Directed by Aaron Petersen, produced by Sarah Linton, and written by Sally Muul, Wet. Warm. Dribble. is a 12 minute short film by Cobox, and is a testament to the core values of Cobox – collaboration and creation.

A silent film requires best of talent

The film stars Sana’a Shaik as Girl and Justin Miltenyi as Boy. As the script was silent, Cobox needed to cast actors that were able to carry those intense emotions without the use of language. Sana’a and Justin were the perfect casting choices for these roles as evident in the praise the film has received. They joined a wonderful crew, made up of both long term collaborators of Cobox, as well as many new faces.

Wet. Warm. Dribble. was filmed over two days in late 2018 in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville, and premiered in February 2019 at Melbourne International Film Festival. It’s since been screened at film festivals across the globe, and was the flagship project to announce the rebranding of Postbox Studios forming into Cobox.

This was a great funny short and got a good reaction from the audience. The director introduced it before the screening. I liked the actress in it and would see her in other roles.

- Tim Chuma (Review)

Director :Aaron Petersen
Producer :Sarah Linton
Writer :Sally Muul
Girl :Sana'a Shaik
Boy :Justin Miltenyi
DOP :Robert C Morton
Production Designer :Sam Asher
Editor :Josh Mehmet
Associate Producers :Phoebe Flynn & Sally Muul
Music Composers :Angela Little & Pru Montin