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We help you imagine an idea, play with production, and create outstanding content. At our Redfern studios, we bring ideas to life at any stage of the process, from creative development, post-production through to distribution and release.







The Re-Emergence 

Welcome back Sydney! After almost four months in lockdown, we made it through together and are ready to re-emerge. We kept busy in the wake of the announcement and, like everyone, adjusted to the new working dynamics. From remote directing corporate case studies to discovering new sophisticated software to keep up with the demand of our podcast offerings, we have returned to our bright Redfern studio with a multitude of new skills and services. We can’t wait to share these with you!  

Head over to our Projects page to check out what we’ve been up to. 


Helping to build a sustainable future

As a company, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and spreading this message loud and clear. We cannot turn back time, but what we can do is align ourselves with those who are actively fighting the climate crisis.

We produced an environmental awareness campaign video for Accenture Australia’s Sustainability Squad and ANZ Environment Program. The video digs deep into the ways Accenture is making real impact, switching to renewables, and aiming for net zero emission by 2025. We’re proud to be spreading climate awareness and action, in the hopes that soon leaders will follow suit.

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Who We Are

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and with our extensive network of creative thinkers and doers, we can accommodate projects of any genre and size. Say hello to our core team.

Aaron Petersen

Founder, CEO

Collaborating with industry professionals has always formed the essence of Aaron’s working life, which has informed the foundation of Cobox’s ethos. When working in partnership with clients and industry experts, we develop deeper relationships and produce better outcomes for everyone. Aaron’s production experience has stemmed from a strong foundation in design, editing and directing.

As the CEO of Cobox, Aaron still loves getting involved with production. His credits span across documentary, television, and film. In 2017, Aaron received an AACTA nomination for Best Documentary and an Australian Directors Guild (ADG) nomination for Best Director for the documentary, Zach’s Ceremony.

Sarah Linton

Head of Production, Senior Producer

Sarah combines a unique ability to visualise a production from start to finish, with creativity, clarity, and insight honed from her experience in the UK and Australia. Be it delivering Blue Chip TVCs, or as the writer/producer of the compelling documentary Zach’s Ceremony, she’s a passionate advocate for quality and narrative, and relentless in her pursuit of a client’s goals. Commonwealth Bank, Peugeot, Tourism NSW, Transport NSW, Accenture, and Telstra are just a few of the brands she’s guided during her award-winning career.

Rachel Lane


At the heart of Rachel’s enduring love for storytelling is her ability to listen. She started her production career in television drama before moving on to craft sensitive articulate documentaries which have screened on the ABC, SBS and NITV. A consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and continuity, Rachel meets the challenges of production head on. Her passion for conveying a narrative underpins her desire to champion the end product. She loves storytelling so much she does it on her days off.

Elle Zirwanda

Production Manager

Coming from an ad agency background, Elle has managed hundreds of commercials, corporate videos, campaign shoots and music videos. She relishes the challenge of a complex project – from concepts to casting to recruiting and catering – synchronising multiple moving parts and seeing a creative vision brought to life.

Taylah Scanlon

Associate Producer

Up for any challenge and ready to embrace change, Taylah has an array of skills from pre to post-production. With a background in journalism and film, she approaches all creative collaborations with a can-do attitude and an eye for detail.

Cassie Merritt

Assistant Producer

With a background in journalism and broadcasting, Cassie is driven by a passion for writing and television production. She has worked across a range of creative projects, from short films to web series, and loves seeing ideas come to life. A true team player, Cassie brings enthusiasm to each project and believes in the power of collaboration. Wearing many hats around our studio, Cassie supports our production team at all stages of the process, from concept ideation through to promotional assets.

Seána Henry

CEO Personal Assistant

Originally from Ireland, Seana’s background includes writing in print journalism, online publications and eCommerce copywriting. She is an all round creative person who conveys passion, drive and excitement in any project. Seana never stops creating and loves to showcase local, emerging and independent artists in her ideas and creations.

Cybele Brown


Cybele has extensive knowledge in finance and has a passion for supporting small creative businesses achieve their financial goals. Cybele takes care of the daily fiscal duties and company compliance to ensure the rest of the business can focus on creating fabulous content and servicing clients.

Our loft-style studios are nestled in the vibrant suburb of East Redfern, high above the trees and away from the bustle of the CBD. We enjoy spectacular views of the Sydney skyline, with plenty of natural light and open space, making this the perfect environment for all creative endeavours.

  • The Jungle Room: our large meeting room is perfect for workshops of up to 10 people
  • The Cityscape: our outdoor meeting area with city skyline views is ideal for relaxed meetings of up to 6 people
  • Large Presentation Edit Suites equipped with Avid, Adobe Suite, DaVinci
  • Pro Tools Edit Suite and extensive music library
  • Voiceover Booth
  • Motion Graphics, Animation and Design Services
  • High-speed Internet (400/400mbps)
  • Broadcast Distribution and Deliverables
  • Transfers and Duplications from any analogue format to digital

Don’t see what you need? Contact our production team to find out more.

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Want to know more? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you ASAP!